Miami Heat… so now what?

CB DW HEATLeBron James signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers is huge and the whole going back home idea is a fantastic story. This is a classy move by LBJ and it’s truly great for the Cavaliers organization.

The more intriguing storyline however is what Pat Riley and the Miami Heat plan to do now as they move on. Realistically, they don’t have to blow up the team and start from scratch. This is simply not necessary.

The ability to sign Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade are absolutely the right moves going forward. Resigning Udonis Haslem and a few of the other role players will also keep the roster stable. The addition of key pieces such as Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts will definitely keep this team competitive, especially in the South East Division.

Adding a key player to the equation such as free agent Luol Deng would be massive! He’s definitely not LBJ, however he’s a two time All-Star and has been one of the top small forwards in the league over the last few years, especially during his time with the Chicago Bulls. A starting lineup of Napier, Wade, Deng, McRoberts and Bosh will definitely be a competitive starting five. (If they were able to sign a big man like Greg Monroe, currently a restricted free agent of the Detroit Pistons, it would be a major coup… imagine that starting five and bench).

By all means, this team will not win the championship any time soon, however they can make the playoffs and will always be in the mix, especially in the Eastern Conference.

Bosh, Wade, Granger, Spoelstra and Riley will all be hungry and will have something to prove. Yes you lose the best player on the planet, however it doesn’t mean you’re dead in the water. This team will be very well rounded over the next couple of years (especially with additional moves) and will be in the playoffs for years to come… with plenty of cap space, a solid organization, incredible weather all year round and a tax free state, the players will be coming to South Beach one way or another.

The 2014 ‘decision’ should not upset Heat fans. It’s simply the reality of the league. If you’re a fan of your team you should stick through the good & bad. Such is professional sports.


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