This is the truth?

Pierce “After a short stay in Brooklyn, Paul Pierce is heading to the Washington Wizards.”  


Thank you Paul Peirce for giving the perfect ammunition to all the LeBron James and Heat haters over the last four years. If anyone ever says that LBJ & Co. “sold out” then what in the world is this decision all about?

People used to hate on LBJ and crew and I would always say Pat Riley played the system to perfection. Who cares how it happened, or that all three took less money (obviously Kobe should’ve taken some notes… discussion for another day), but they made it work. Yes they chased the rings, but isn’t that what pro sports is all about?

Celtics fans never said much on how they obtained their big three, or Nets fans never mentioned how they acquired The Truth or The Big Ticket (both franchises mortgaging their future)… but several fans complained about Ray Allen moving on, or again how LBJ, Wade and Bosh got together.

Of course all is forgiven now that LeBron is going back home. He did the absolute right thing. Truth be told, he would’ve never won a ring with the Cavaliers team he last played with. Now, he has his rings and he returns home a hero trying to win one for Ohio and mentor the kids.
As for Pierce, he could’ve taken less money to stay in Brooklyn, or play in Los Angeles (his home city), but opted for more money and a team closer to making a deeper run in the playoffs.

This of course will all be forgotten when he opts out of his contract next year (player option) and returns to the Celtics for a farewell tour, or as LeBron mentor the kids.  He may even go home to play with one of the Los Angeles teams (I doubt it’s the Lakers as this would further tarnish his career, especially with the Celtics faithful).

The story does not end this year, however it just looks like the ‘real’ truth has been spoken.


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