Response to a writer from The Toronto Star

Here’s the link I’m responding to…

raptors red claw logo

While you might think you’re correct in writing this article, or basically agreeing with the masses (Toronto fans jump on and off every ‘bandwagon’ of every franchise; see the current state of the Blue Jays & Maple Leafs),  I don’t think anyone can actually take you seriously, since you have no credibility.

While I’m sure you’re a good writer, this article would be taken more seriously if someone like Doug Smith wrote it.  Someone who’s around the Team regularly and actually has the knowledge of what a team goes through on a day-to-day basis, positive or negative.  Whether readers agree or disagree with his points, he can be taken seriously. 

The Star has specific writers, for specific topics, who follow these issues on a daily basis. Please stick to what you know, or what you follow.  Being a part-time reporter and writing what you think the masses wants to read from your arm chair isn’t exactly rocket science.  You might as well not watch any of the games.  Taking a five game sample of a season definitely does not make you an authority of the game, or state of the franchise. 

All your points may be true, but I’m sure the Washington Post doesn’t send their White House correspondent to write about Basketball.  If you want to build some integrity, maybe apply as a beat writer for the Washington Generals.


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