Not what we expected!

9657_los_angeles_clippers-alternate-2016Another climax in the NBA season has come and gone, this time in the form of the trade deadline day. All the “expected” trades and moves, came up short, well short compared to last year. Here’s a quick breakdown of all the trades, along with the winners…


Portland Trail Blazers get: Brian Roberts (PG)
Miami Heat get: Cash considerations
Winner: Even. Blazers receive a possible good young player and the Heat take one step closer under the luxury tax (yes it’s a business and teams do have to worry about it).

Philadelphia 76ers get: Joel Anthony (C)
Houston Rockets get: Rights to 2011 draft pick Chukwudiebere Maduabum
Winner: Really? Next!

Los Angeles Clippers get: Jeff Green (SF)
Memphis Grizzlies get: Lance Stephenson (SG); first-round pick
Winner: Hands down the Clippers win this trade. Jeff Green will undoubtedly help the veteran team while playing the three and possibly going small and playing the four. Not sure what Memphis is thinking here by acquiring Stephenson. The first round draft pick is definitely a good piece, regardless of how low it’s going to be in the first round. Draft picks are always valuable assets.

Phoenix Suns get: Kris Humphries (PF); DeJuan Blair (PF); protected first-round pick
Washington Wizards get: Markieff Morris (PF)
Winner: Slight edge to the Wizards. They receive the best piece in the deal and should have an immediate impact on the roster. On the other side, the “cancer” for the Suns is gone and this should have a positive effect in the locker room and on the court.

Cleveland Cavaliers get: Channing Frye (F) from Magic
Portland Trail Blazers get: Anderson Varejao (C) from Cavaliers; conditional first-round pick from Cavaliers
Orlando Magic get: Jared Cunningham (SG) from Cavaliers; second-round pick from Blazers
Winner: Cavs! No this player is not the be all and end all, however this is solid piece added to the rotation. Another weapon on the floor teams will have to keep an eye on.

Oklahoma City Thunder get: Randy Foye (SG)
Denver Nuggets get: Steve Novak (SF); D.J. Augustin (PG); two second-round draft picks
Winner: Have to go with the Thunder. They add another piece to their bench that could potentially help. Not sure what the Nuggets are trying to do with this one.


Detroit Pistons get: Donatas Motiejunas (PF); Marcus Thornton (SF)Houston Rockets get: Joel Anthony (PF); 2016 first-round pick (top-eight protected)
Winner: Really like this trade by the Pistons! Smart move to add additional depth to their roster. One can never really have enough bench help, especially when trying to make the playoffs.

Chicago Bulls get: Second-round pick (from Atlanta via Utah) Justin Holiday
Atlanta Hawks get: Kirk Hinrich (PG)
Utah Jazz get: Shelvin Mack (PG)
Winner: Atlanta, I guess. Not really sure why the Bulls would trade a solid guard player, unless they need to get closer under the cap. Not sure why the Hawks need another guard, unless they want protection for the playoffs. A bit of a head scratcher.

Miami Heat get: Protected second-round pick
New Orleans Pelicans get: Jarnell Stokes (F); cash
Winner: Bit of a wash. Pelicans take a look at a young player. The Heat take another step closer under the luxury tax (recurring theme).

Detroit Pistons get: Tobias Harris (SF)
Orlando Magic get: Brandon Jennings (PG); Ersan Ilyasova (PF)
Winner: For the immediate, this is a great move by the Pistons! Once again adding a solid piece to their line-up. For the future, it really depends what the Magic plan to do in the off season by adding these pieces and the players currently on the roster. Lots of up and coming talent, however they may need to add some veterans to teach and bring together the youngsters.

Charlotte Hornets get: Courtney Lee (SG) from Grizzlies
Memphis Grizzlies get: P.J. Hairston (SF) from Hornets; Chris Andersen (C); and two second-round picks from Heat
Miami Heat get: Brian Roberts (PG) from Hornets
Winner: Edge to the Hornets. Lee is a nice solid addition to the Hornets who have aspirations of making the playoffs. He should fit well on this unassuming roster.

So this day has come and gone, now we look out for players being bought out of their contract and teams lining up to bolster their rosters for the playoff run.  Always exciting times in the NBA!

*All trade (transaction) information from the Feb. 18 NBA deadline comes courtesy of unless otherwise cited.


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