2016 NBA All Star Starters

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The 2016 NBA All Star Starters we’re announced this week, as voted by the fans and for the most part, the list is good.


LeBron James (Cavaliers)
Paul George (Pacers)
Carmelo Anthony (Knicks)

Dwyane Wade (Heat)
Kyle Lowry (Raptors)


Kobe Bryant (Lakers)
Kevin Durant (Thunder)
Kawhi Leonard (Spurs)

Stephen Curry (Warriors)
Russell Westbrook (Thunder)

The way I voted…
Eastern Conference: LeBron James; Carmelo Anthony; Chris Bosh; Demar Derozan; Kyle Lowry
Western Conference: Kevin Durant; Kawhi Leonard; Draymond Green; Stephen Curry; Chris Paul

Other players not mentioned above that deserve to be on the roster(s): Jimmy Butler; Andre Drummond; Paul Milsap; Al Horford … DeMarcus Cousins; Anthony Davis; Damian Lillard

This is going to be a great All Star Weekend!! For those who don’t already know, the players love Toronto and they’re going to have a great weekend at one of the best cities in North America!


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