Quality Big Man, Decent Trade…


2017 Trade deadline continues with a big one…

Well how about that? A trade involving one of the best big men in the league!  The Sacramento Kings trade DeMarcus Cousins (and Omar Casspri) to the New Orleans Pelicans for Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, a 2017 first round draft pick and a 2017 second round draft pick (details still to be confirmed if the first rounder is top three protected).

Sacramento has been going back and forth on Cousins over the last couple of seasons.  One moment he’s the franchise, the next he’s available in a trade.  Coaches fired, coaches hired, players traded, players signing as free agents, etc.  Like the Orlando Magic, it seems as if the organization is having issues building a team.  Again, like Orlando, Sacramento ‘sports’ a new arena and must find ways to keep the seats full for basketball games.  Unfortunately, this trade will not help the franchise fulfill this dream, at least not in the immediate future.

As for New Orleans, they add another All-Star who will join forces in what will become a dominate front court together with All-Star Anthony Davis.  This has the makings of twin towers 2.0 (for those who don’t recall, the original towers 1.0 was Tim Duncan & David Robinson, in San Antonio).  If General Manager Dell Demps continues to build around these franchise players, the Western Conference and the League overall will no doubt have to up their game.

Cousins becomes a free agent after next season, however the Pelicans are confident they can resign him to a massive contract.  With Davis already signed long term, they feel positive Cousins remains in ‘The Big Easy’.  The possibilities are endless on formation of a ‘big three’ in New Orleans. If Demps can sign a quality free agent, or make another splash in the trade market, things can get pretty interesting and real quick. Just imagine if one of these 2017 free agents likes the direction of the Pelicans… Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Kyle Lowry, or Gordon Hayward.  Yes, there would definitely be salary cap implications in signing one of the free agent All-Stars, however if Miami in the past and most recently Golden State has taught us something, anything is possible with a motivated player and General Manager.




*(Photo Source: Fox Sports)



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